Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday (cont.)

GSE LAB redesign.


An ode to the GSE Computer Lab

2am in the GSE Computer Lab. I love this place. Especially at night, most people leave GSE somewhere round 7. The stragglers and 7-9 classes roll out at 9:01 (no time wasted!).  A few stragglers stick around in the computer lab to work on this or that. They are usually gone by 11pm.  Then it’s just me. [maybe a couple more people but I’m not sure if they want to be exposed in this blog].  They redesigned the computer lab over the break. Taking out the cubicles for the island—the post-industrial redesign [NO WALLS]. They added some softer recliner laptop chairs for all those folks who decide to invade the computer lab to only plop their laptop in front of an open available desktop.—I’m different. I have this iPad yet no device to effectively type papers.   But back to the point. I’m usually playing either A) a sports podcast, B) a hip hop podcast C) pulling up an album on Youtube.  Books out. Phone on the charger.  Volume on the comp all the way UP! It’s like my own personal home base. Most folks at GSE know me for being here mad late, but I don’t think they know just how much fun I have when I am here. Actually, I’m glad they don’t. MORE COMPUTER LAB FOR ME.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Finishing up the first week of the new semester.

A couple thoughts--Graduate School Grades
--interestingly enough, I am more interested than feedback on my final papers than my final grade. Sometimes my grades match with my professor, sometimes they do not. Advice purposes: Keep your expectations above the professor's expectations and you'll be fine.

New Semester
--I love my use of electives. Thank God that I chose not to pursue the Reading Specialist certification so I could have them.  I have a class on Video Games, Digital Literacies, Black Male Development [independent study], Education & Social Entrepreneurship, and Multicultural Children's Literature.  Advice: All other things held constant, do the thing thats best for you.

The Job Search
--I'm looking. You know of anything out there in the interwebs...please let me know.

That's it for now. Also, I have a new blog starting soon for my digital literacies class. Shall be interesting.