Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Finishing up the first week of the new semester.

A couple thoughts--Graduate School Grades
--interestingly enough, I am more interested than feedback on my final papers than my final grade. Sometimes my grades match with my professor, sometimes they do not. Advice purposes: Keep your expectations above the professor's expectations and you'll be fine.

New Semester
--I love my use of electives. Thank God that I chose not to pursue the Reading Specialist certification so I could have them.  I have a class on Video Games, Digital Literacies, Black Male Development [independent study], Education & Social Entrepreneurship, and Multicultural Children's Literature.  Advice: All other things held constant, do the thing thats best for you.

The Job Search
--I'm looking. You know of anything out there in the interwebs...please let me know.

That's it for now. Also, I have a new blog starting soon for my digital literacies class. Shall be interesting.


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