Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Meet My New Undergrad Friends.

Check out the Penn Hip Hop Initiative on Facebook.


Here's a clip of an interview with the founder.

 Jon Iwry (J-Boy to his fans) is a hip-hop artist from right outside Washington, D.C. A sophomore in the College, this four-time winner of Penn’s Got Talent will be performing original music and freestyle rapping at this year’s Spring Fling in the Quad. He also has a radio show called “Check the Rhyme” that airs every Tuesday at 6. And Jon is starting an on-campus group called the Penn Hip-Hop Initiative, which he discusses below.
Q. Tell me about the club you’re starting. What’s it going to be like?
A. This semester I’m starting a music appreciation club called the Penn Hip-Hop Initiative (PHHI). We’re aiming to create on open community on Penn’s campus that appreciates the vast world of hip-hop and fosters the creative presence of talented artists on campus. We want to open it up to everyone as broadly as possible, and hopefully even beyond the Penn Bubble. We’d like to become a platform for making and distributing hip-hop music for the local community, including other schools and venues in the Philadelphia area. Commitment won’t be too demanding, but it’ll definitely be worthwhile and fun. It will get started in the fall, when people (including myself) aren’t busy with finals and flinging. We’ll probably start off with public screenings of hip-hop documentaries, graffiti tours through Philly, public speakers, and stuff like that; anything is possible, and based on the many creative ideas people have proposed so far, the Initiative has only good things in sight.

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