Thursday, November 29, 2012

12:57am. Friday

Sorry folks, it's been a while.  The semester is coming to a close...And the work is stacking up!  With 5 classes, I have to manage my time more effectively.

About that 5 classes, the way Penn's cost structure is set up---it's BUY 4 get 1 class FREE.  Awesome right?  Save a good amount of money!

Except word around GSE is that the RWL program isn't really set up for someone to be full-time 5 classes. What does that mean?  The work is at a premium. I'm constantly working on some project.

No one says it can't be done. But are going to be pushed to the limit.  And this end of the semester is going to have me on the plank.

--15-20 page paper due for Multicultural Issues in Education
--A GIANT Curriculum-as-Inquiry Project for Elementary RWL with Campano
--Inquiry #3 and Inquiry #4 due for Secondary RWL Curriculum
--Program Plan and Literature Review due for Community + Art Partnerships
--Restructured Service Framework? due for Psychoeducational Interactions with Black Males.

A whole lot of late nights and early mornings. Will be worth it come Winter break. But for now...

...and the best advice I ever got was keep writing, and keep living, and keep loving...

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  1. This guy is the hardest worker at GSE. He lives in the computer lab. This man right here knows everything about this place. Mr. Rogers is the kid you want in your project group- to get that A, lol