Tuesday, December 4, 2012


"This guy is the hardest worker at GSE. He lives in the computer lab. This man right here knows everything about this place. Mr. Rogers is the kid you want in your project group- to get that A, lol"
--Kevin B.

That being said, It's nothing like blasting your favorite new mixtape through the GSE computer lab at 2:45am.  When everyone leaves, the building is mine.  Is this because the workload at GSE is that much to have me up that late at night? Partly.  I like being at GSE.  Being home sometimes can be very distracting...

The GSE Computer lab is open 24 hours with PennCard access...with a water cooler down the hall...and also access to the first floor classrooms.  In preparation for a presentation last week, I borrowed one of the classrooms for an impromptu movie screening.

My advice: Your paying top-dollar for it, you better take advantage!

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