Tuesday, October 9, 2012


The Weingarten Learning Resources Center provides academic support services and programs for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students at the University of Pennsylvania through its two offices.


I have my 2nd appointment with Brian Cuzzolina tomorrow to work at becoming a better writer. Our first session was OK. --He didn't understand what my problem was. My writing was "fine."  Tomorrow, I want to break through this "fine" with him. Fine is something you tell a student when you just want them to be done. Not really something that you are excited to see. I want people to be excited to see what I have to say.

One of my major goals this year is to improve my writing.  I know I can get across a coherent idea.  I just don't think it's me when I'm writing.  I want to be able to hear my voice when I write and still be able to play the academic cocktail party game.

The Academic Cocktail Party = citing theories from all those important people in your field.

It's great that Brian went through the same RWL program that I am going through now and can tell me some of the favoritisms of my professors.  I would recommend everyone that goes to Penn to check out the Weingarten Learning Resources Center.  The appointments do take a while; undergrads keep it booked. However, your sky-high tuition pays for them to help you. Take advantage. 

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