Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Today, I met with Dr. Amy Stornaiuolo. (check out her in action with this faculty colloquium).

“Composing For Global Audiences: Opportunities and Challenges for Literacy Instruction in a New Media Age”Amy Stornaiulo,  Ph.D.
Faculty Search Colloquia: Scroll down until you see this heading. 

She's awesome. She has a research specialty of Digital Literacy and is teaching a class next semester on the subject.  I'm so excited!

She's one-half of the duo that teaches EDUC 629: Teaching English to Adolescents which is a core requirement of the Reading/Writing/Literacy course of study. For class, I have Dr. Ebony Thomas.

Dr. Amy and I went back and forth about our interests and synergies which proved to be quite the intriguing conversation.  Dr. Amy is new to the area, coming from California's Bay Area. Being a local who's very familiar with the rich arts (and arts education) scene of Philadelphia, I was able to share a lot of guiding information to her.

She's poised to start a research group around digital literacy.  For those who are unfamiliar, digital literacy is all about merging technology with a multi-modal approach to learning.  Manipulating audio, video, computer programming, etc. to form new ways of forming, critiquing, evaluating, analyzing, etc. learning. Its a growing field and only looks to get more influential given our lives being ever more connected to devices and screens.

I want to play a big role in her research group.  I'm looking to see where I fit into this academia puzzle, determining if Ph.D is for me or not. We'll see.  It shall be fun.

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